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At ICA2 we accumulate more than 10 years of experience in consulting services in Knowledge Management, Innovation, and R&D Management. Our clients guarantee our experience and high performance in these areas.


Knowledge management

Analysis of intellectual capital, design, and implementation of knowledge management strategies and models, among many others. Discover all our Knowledge Management services and products.


Ideation workshops, policies and actions to promote innovation are some of the services you will find in this area. Discover the rest of the proposals that will make innovation a reality in your organization.

R&D management

Design and implementation of R&D management models and strategies, policies that will implement said management. Find out what we can offer you about R&D management.

Top 8 Benefits of Employee Training and Development in 2021Training

Training plans, On-Line or In-Company, tailored for your organization in our areas of specialization: Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Creativity. With innovative methodologies that will give you the necessary skills to achieve your goals.

Knowledge management

Get the necessary skills in Knowledge Management associated with strategy, modeling, and organizational policies.

Knowledge Management and ISO 9001: 2015

Adjust the skills of your staff to the requirements that ISO9001: 2015 requires on knowledge management.

Innovation and creativity

Reinforce the innovative profile of your organization by creating motivations and skills of an intrapreneurial nature.

Innovation Management

Build a set of competencies to manage innovation from its strategic and operational approach.

Design Thinking

Apply a method to promote innovation in your organization from the design of value proposals linked to the user experience.

Management and Transfer of R&D

Develops competencies in the management of R&D management processes, taking into account their particularities, especially in the context of the transfer of results.

Knowledge Management in the Nuclear Sector

Obtain leadership and knowledge management competencies in the context of nuclear sector organizations.